Life To the Full List

Short-term Goals
  • Start a home Bible Study (with new/unbelievers)
  • Begin my Master’s Program
  • Climb Job’s Peak
  • See Jeni
  • Go on a road trip… (Mt. Rushmore?)
  • See my Indiana family- they are coming to me soon!!!
  • Have a girl’s weekend with both my nieces
  • See my sister Allison and her kids
  • Have a boy’s night with my nephews
  • Read 5 books in one weekend
  • Serve at the soup kitchen 4 times
  • See 5 people come to know the Lord
    1 2 3 4 5
  • Do an outreach in Sacramento or San Francisco
  • Become friends with someone who is Arab
  • Go somewhere new once a week
    (even if it’s just a street I’ve never been down)
    A gun store
    Buy a gun
    Clean a gun
    Learn Krav Maga
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Learn something new at least once a week
    Learned how to take apart and clean a gun 
  • Have a real talk conversation with someone once a week
  • Go somewhere without a plan- only adventure in mind
  • Go on a night hike
  • Become friends again

Long Term

  • Pay off my student loans
  • Gift over a thousand dollars to someone
  • Go with my entire family on vacation somewhere
  • Go to Israel
  • Get my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD in Psychology
  • Live in the Middle East
  • Teach in the UAE
  • Live and die with for Him
  • Get married
  • Know what Agape love really is


  • Play “How He Loves” on the piano with chords while singing
  • Play the guitar- lead worship
  • Learn a practical physical fighting tactic (Krav maga?)
  • Shoot a gun accurately
  • Fix a car (brakes or some other practical knowledge)
  • Be able to paint (legit art)
  • Be able to carry on a real conversation in Spanish
  • Speak /write/read Arabic
  • Learn how to read Hebrew
  • Learn how to read Greek

Fulfilled Goals

  • Be fully independent financially
  • Live in my own place
  • Have a real live tree at Christmas
  • Create my own backyard (including laying sod)
  • Plant a garden
  • Eat from my own garden
  • Own my own vehicle
  • Become a teacher
  • Graduate from college
  • Graduate from High School
  • Go to over half of the continents
  • Go to other countries
  • Go to a Muslim country
  • Hold two jobs at once
  • Read the Bible from beginning to end
  • Memorize a book of the Bible
  • See someone see the Lord
  • See life brought back to someone we thought was going to die
  • Be a missionary
  • Speak about God’s faithfulness in front of a crowd
  • Fall in love
  • Have a garage with an opener
  • Have a dish washer
  • Own a nice vacuum
  • Have a switch on fireplace
  • Share my whole heart with my students
  • Have students fall in love with God more
  • Ignite a hunger for learning in students
  • Go to a fancy tea
  • Go in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
  • Learn how to ballroom dance
  • Sing in front of a crowd
  • Play the guitar
  • Learn Spanish and speak it in a Spanish speaking country
  • Become friends with someone from another country
  • Direct a VBS
  • Be led my the Spirit in a powerful way
  • Hit a nail into wood with two hits
  • Change my own tire
  • Change my oil
  • Roof a house
  • dress up in costumes for no reason
  • play sand volleyball
  • Watch the sunset at the ocean
  • Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain
  • Stay up for more than 48 hours
  • Get to know my neighbors
  • Consistently write in a blog
  • Teach someone something new
  • own 10 world maps
  • Start Prayer meetings
  • Break two bones at once
  • Fast for an extended period of time
  • Get lost in worship
  • Bless 5 people secretly in a month
  • become a Behavioral Interventionist
  • Make a website
  • Go skiing again- after breaking my leg
  • Sleep in a hospital to be with someone I love
  • Go over 120 mph
  • Have more than 3 colors in my hair
  • Be someone else
  • Win Texas Hold ’em
  • Do a Sudoku in less than 5 minutes
  • Speak in an accent in public
  • Cut over a foot of hair
  • mow my own lawn
  • create my own backyard
  • have my own classroom
  • have my own home
  • Be called beautiful
  • Race someone
  • Teach someone how to pray
  • Watch 5 movies in one day
  • start a neighborhood bible study
  • watch a baby be born

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