This is a blog about honesty and truth, specifically for me, the good little Christian girl who everything thinks is perfect. If you go to church, you know how much “hypocrisy” is looked down on… but then you also know how EVERYONE lives in it.

Am I saying all Christians are hypocrites… no…

but I’m saying I am. I AM NOT PERFECT! I struggle and it sucks.

I WANT to live a Holy (aka “set apart”) life unto God. I love Him, I want to serve Him and live for Him in any and every way, but I find I can’t.

SO… this is a blog about my journey in that, how I want to change, and how I will change…


2 Responses to About

  1. cmolesh says:

    I just wrote a poem about the same concept, living in sin but striving for holiness. Check it out?
    God Bless You!

  2. inkomazi says:

    You know, Muslims believe that God WANTS people to sin, because He loves to forgive. I find that thought comforting when I mess up. Also, His mercy will always outweigh your capacity for sin. You just have to ask.

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