Healing with Pain

This last summer during some difficult times the Lord blessed me with some of the most miraculous times as well. One one of the darkest heart broken days, I had sat down on my couch to cry and feel sorry for myself when the doorbell rang.

My neighbor needed me to translate with my meager Spanish skills to another one of our neighbors in our little apartment community. I hesitantly agreed as I wasn’t really feeling like even leaving  my house. After translating as best as I could, my Spanish speaking neighbor asked if I wanted to go on a walk with her and her four children.

I had a great time walking, talking, and singing with them down the street. We ended up getting slur-pees and then returning back to our little neighborhood. As we came back down the street a couple of my neighbors were out on the grass talking- so we joined them.

This whole day ended up being one of purpose and God. In this one evening I met over 10 of my neighbors, planned a community picnic, and had the most amazing God conversation ever. Two of my neighbors and I ended up going out to eat for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. While there we had the most amazing Real Talk conversation ever. We talked about: life, death, the Bible, heaven, hell, missions and living with purpose. I found out the one of them had been raised a Mormon while the other was a Buddhist by culture… but knew their had to be One True God.

We soon returned home and the conversation continued. I heard of the God Stories that each of the women had… and I soon heard some of the sweetest words I had ever heard,

“I just long to know what the Bible really says.
I know it’s the Truth, and I want to know it.”

I thought I was dreaming and then I realized it really was the desire of my neighbor to know God and know what He had done. She decided that she would teach me to quilt if I would teach her the Bible. Not requiring anything I told her we would get together and do just that.

It was a beautiful day.

A day full of purpose and love.

Then time passed… the holidays came… life got harder (my heart broke)… we didn’t see each other much… and I thought I had lost the beautiful opportunity of seeing someone so excited about His Truth begin an amazing relationship with Him.

Then I saw her on her porch.

We talked and we were right back where we had been. She longed to do the Bible Study and even more now that her Daughter-in-law(who now lives with her) was interested as well. So we set a time and day to do Bible Study every week.

This Friday was the first time… and again it was more than I could ever asked for (not only that- but my Mom joined us- which turned out to be an amazing way for my Mom to be able to declare God’s faithfulness in the midst of her own hardship. Which even prepared her to lead another one of her friends to the Lord TODAY!) It was the most beautiful church I’ve been to in a long time! We started with dinner and the questions began!

Amazing questions:
Who is God?
Who made God?
Why is there a Hell?
Who is Satan?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do people die?
Doesn’t He love you more than me?
Are their levels of heaven?
How was the world created?
What’s the deal with the end of the World?
What’s the Trinity?

With each question, we turned to the Word and the Lord led us into the answers to the great questions they asked.

We studied the story of Genesis… God creating… His words becoming life… His creation of man and woman… putting His image and life into them… and then the fall.


I now have two amazing friends who continue to seek Jesus… and are looking forward to not only another Bible Study, but going to church and doing whatever else they can to know God and live for Him.

Isn’t He good?

Boy, does He love us!

My dreams and hopes may not have been fulfilled in the ways I thought they should have been… but He gave me more than I could have ever asked for. He is truly giving me life to the full… and I can’t wait for the continued filling.


Lord, I thank you for the hearts you are drawing to yourself. I would have never thought you would use me, right here, right now, in this way. I praise you for knowing so much better than I do. I love you Lord, please continue to have your way. Please continue to restore my heart and love for You- my first love.


About desireunleashed

Prone to wonder Lord I feel it, prone to leave the One I love. Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it, seal it for thy throne above.
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7 Responses to Healing with Pain

  1. Aby says:

    This is truly amazing Kallie! When He flows through us to touch others, then we are truly alive! Life Himself reaches out and begins to breath through US! into the dead to bring them to life and to Himself. What wonder!

  2. Autumn says:

    WOW!!!!!! THIS IS AWSOME!!!! I love how God uses us right where we are at!!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. God is awesome that way…when we take our eyes off our situation and try to see through His eyes, incredible things happen.

  4. maggiehub says:


  5. a.w. marks says:

    Seems like a not-so-coincidental occurrence after the comment you left earlier that day:

    I sometimes think of the place we’re at as a “church” in America and I wonder if we even really know what “church” is. Our idea usually consists of announcements, worship, and a speaker, then getting dismissed and going home. I experienced “church” in another country at a prayer meeting one night… we met with other believers who simply shared about the works of God they had seen in their lives throughout the week, intermixed with times of prayer and praise. It was beautiful, uplifting and empowering. We didn’t go in with any agenda or even a schedule, just hearts ready to meet the Lord.

    I’m not saying church and organization are bad, but I do think that being led by the Spirit of God was the way the Lord intended it to be done (and I have seen them beautifully combined).

    I do however wonder, do I even know what being the “body and bride of Christ” is like? I get the feeling I’m missing out on so much more.

    Understand that this isn’t a criticism, because God has certainly proclaimed His glory 🙂 It does however seem like God was helping you answer your own question and allowing you the privilege of partaking in the mystery of the Church. So I’d caution you against confusing the issue for the new disciples He’s giving you. If you are experiencing Church with your neighbors by being led by the Spirit, what are you communicating (rather than what you intend) if you confirm that “going to church” is the next step? Or is this something they assume is the logical conclusion to accepting Christ?

    I don’t know the answers to my questions here, but I would be sure to bathe this in prayer. If God has placed these people on your heart and anointed you to “lead this church,” do not be quick to trade their only understanding of “church” and the privilege of discipleship for a format that you’ve admitted may be misunderstanding His purposes I promise I’m not saying this to sound radical or contrary; my feelings on the issue are probably un-American, but that shouldn’t be our standard for truth anyway.

    • It’s interesting… I had thought of the comment I had left as I typed the words in that post. I felt it was almost ironic because of the amazing “church” that the Lord had allowed me to experience two door down from my apartment, but honestly I had never viewed it as a contradiction.

      I won’t defend myself in any way, but I will assure you that my intentions are sharing Christ’s love and seeing people Trust in Him… I know bringing people to church alone has no power. I will explain though- I didn’t invite my friends to church, instead they asked me where I go to church and if they could come. In this way… I would NEVER deny my friends the fellowship of the body of Christ that I am blessed to be a part of every week.

      I do recognize that my quote about the “church in America” sounds like I’m a bit frustrated with church in general… and one would assume that this is based upon my current experience, but I have to admit it is only somewhat true.

      Do I go to a perfect church- ha! I would argue that there is no such thing. I would say though that my church is much more than a church to me. It is my family. Truly. I have Dads, Moms, brothers, and sisters. I have best friends and Grandma’s. I have prayer warriors, coffee dates, and co-missionaries. I have a Pastor who has cried with me, and a Pastor’s wife who is not afraid to speak the Truth that my heart needs to hear. My church is my family. Is it in America? yes, but is it your typical American church. To me it’s not. I hope more than anything that when I bring my friends to church they will come into the presence of my Heavenly Father… but I also hope that this is not the one and only time they meet Him.

      I pray that every time we meet… my Father will be present.

      In church.
      On the grass in the front yard.
      At the kitchen table in her home.
      At the Chinese buffet down the street.
      And even when we wave in the parking lot.

      Because this is church.
      America or not.

      Thanks for your words friend. They have made me think of and appreciate more deeply all that the Lord has called me to and given me!

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